Maintenance Management Information Exchange Model

Maintenance Management Information Exchange Model (MMIXM) is an FAA data standard which is aimed to support the exchange of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) information between National Airspace (NAS) systems and services. The use of standardized maintenance data improves data quality and availability between existing systems and stakeholders. This provides a foundation for a new generation of maintenance related systems and enables operational benefits such as increased efficiencies and situational awareness.

MMIXM capabilities included:

  • Enables harmonization of data exchange between numerous disparate O&M systems into a consistent, usable, familiar and well-documented format
  • Facilitates creating, sharing, and integrating O&M data by providing stakeholders with documentation containing the context and format of data elements
  • Supports development of new generation of O&M-related tools by the establishment of transformation rules necessary for SWIM data exchange operations
  • Clarifies ambiguous meanings, documents business rules, and provides the foundation for reducing redundant data and improving data integrity across the entire NAS

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